In 2020, the people of Arizona will again have the opportunity to go to the ballot and decide how we want to create additional funding for education in Arizona


This FACES of TRIF website is a project supported by Arizonans from across our community to share how the people of Arizona’s investments in TRIF are making an impact and to emphasize how important it is that in our next design of Arizona Education Funding, TRIF continues to help us all build a better Arizona.


Opportunities to support education cross a wide spectrum from our early years to our later years. It includes pre-school, elementary education, high school, community colleges, and universities. Sometimes called P through 20 (P-20) education.

Our needs for education may shift over time from the basics, to our initial career training, to specific workforce training, or even training for new carers later in life. P-20 education gets us ready for a changing world.


Faces of TRIF has been created to spread the word about a unique component of Arizona’s education ecosystem.


Each time you pay sales tax in Arizona, a small amount is invested into TRIF, the Technology & Research Initiative Fund.

Part of Education 2000 (Prop. 301), TRIF investments in Arizona’s universities support the people and research projects that are driving Arizona and Arizona Innovation forward.

TRIF investments fund research and educational opportunities that are focused on Improving Health; Water, Environment & Energy Solutions; Space Exploration & Optical Solutions; and Defense & Security Systems.

 Across the learning continuum, TRIF creates opportunities for Arizona Students to get hands on experience working side-by-side with world-class researchers.