TRIF Champions from across your community share why TRIF matters.


“Our sons, Chris and Nick, benefited from growing up in Arizona and attending our Arizona schools.

I support expanding our education funding at all levels including the important education and research opportunities that TRIF creates.”

Joan Koerber-Walker, president & CEO, Arizona Bioindustry Assciiation (AZBio)



“While many innovation districts contain a variety of highly focused institutions and companies, the best ones also feature organizations that see the ‘larger picture;’ utilizing their expertise, funding, and convening power to grow the regional and state-wide innovation ecosystems.  The Technology and Research Initiative Fund is a key ingredient in bringing together university research, entrepreneurial activity, and workforce development in a way that is impactful and inclusive; and one of the important factors that attracted Wexford Science and Technology to develop our Knowledge Community model in Phoenix.”

Thomas Osha, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Economic Development, WEXFORD SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY





“Organizations like the SciTech Institute are not possible without support from the Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF). The protection of the TRIF is critical to our work in improving STEM education, getting more kids interested in STEM and continuing to fill our technology sector’s talent pipeline. Stand with us in supporting the continuation of the TRIF.”

– Jeremy Babendure, executive director, SciTech Institute

“The Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF) is a critical component to the success of Arizona’s economic development because it strengthens our universities, STEM talent, research capacity and opportunities and the technology industry as a whole. There are a number of key organizations and research groups that are enabled and thriving because of the funding received from this program. It is imperative that we support and protect TRIF’s continuation.”

Steven G Zylstra, president and CEO, Arizona Technology Council

“TRIF is Arizona’s investment in all of us. When TRIF dollars support seed-research projects at Arizona’s university, emerging scientists have the chance to drive innovation forward with new discoveries, inventions, and medical treatments. Major funding from outside Arizona flows into our state. Students get hands-on training for good jobs. And dynamic companies are created that hire Arizonans and strengthen the broader ecosystem. TRIF is one of the most far-sighted, high-return initiatives the people of Arizona have ever created.”

Tammy McLeod, president and CEO, Flinn Foundation